Schultz Club Athletes competing

Affiliate Sites

The DSWC currently has 8 University Affiliate Training Sites:

  • Cal State Bakersfield
  • Harvard University
  • Purdue University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Cal Davis
  • University Cal Poly
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • The DSWC currently has 4 Youth Affiliate Training Sites:

  • Advanced Training Wrestling School, Stanford, CA
  • The Angry Fish Wrestling Club, Pittsburgh, PA
    The Angry Fish, under the leadership of Ty Moore and Ray Brinzer, are the public face of an international organization of highly-trained assassains. The wrestling club, which has produced eight national champions and dozens of All-Americans, is used as a recruiting tool, screening the finest athletes in Pennsylvania (such as Josh Weitzel, Coleman Scott, Mark McKnight, Jarod King, Kurt Brenner, Jake Herbert, etc.) for further training as ninja. Having served the Trilateral Commission, Cointelpro, and the Yakuza, the Angry Fish are now making their own bid for global hegemony.
  • The Overtime Wrestling Club, Chicago, IL
    The Overtime School of Wrestling, the affiliate training site for the DSWC in the Chicago area, was established in March of 2001 by Sean Bormet. Overtime has produced multiple freestyle, Greco and folk style champions since its inception and continues to provide exceptional facilities and coaching for young wrestlers. There are currently three former Overtime wrestlers that are now representing the DSWC - Donny Reynolds, Eric Tannenbaum and Alex Tsirtsis.
  • The Penn DSWC Youth Program, Philadelphia, PA
    The Penn DSWC club has consistently grown since its inception three years ago. It currently has four coaches, Sheldon Thomas, Glen Pritzlaff, Rick Springman and Ryan Tobin, who combined, have the technical knowledge and experience that can match any coaches in the country. The club also now has over 100 young wrestlers enrolled. There are two sessions to accommodate various skill and experience levels. The most recent alumnus, Zach Fryling, now competes for West Virginia University.