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DSWF Main Office:

PO Box 176
Wood Dale IL 60191
Phone: 630-330-2435
Fax: 630-238-8958
Web Site:

Mission Statement:

The DSWC is part of the Dave Schultz Wrestling Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation under the IRS regulations. The DSWC is a USA Wrestling sanctioned club; is is a national program with affiliate training sites throughout the United States.

The Dave Schultz Wrestling Foundation was formed by Nancy Schultz in March of 1996 to honor the memory of Olympic and World Champion David Schultz. Its purpose is to promote and support amateur wrestling by providing funding, facilities and coaching to future and current world-class athletes.

Athletes who are chosen to represent the DSWC display the kind of character, sportsmanship and devotion to wrestling that were trademarks of Dave Schultz. The Dave Schultz Wrestling Foundation is committed to improving wrestling in the US, developing outstanding athletes and creating role models and citizens for the future.

President Nancy Schultz
Vice President Greg Elinsky
Director of Operations/Head Coach Ed Giese
Director of Special Events Karen Reina
Director of Fundraising/Coach Kendall Cross
Coaches See "Team & Staff" pages
Medical Trainers Dave Stearne, Sean Eakin
Equipment Sponsor ASICS-Tiger Corp
Website Ray Brinzer, Danielle Hobeika

E-mail addresses:

Ed Giese:
Karen Reina:
Nancy Schultz:

More Facts:

The DSWC free newsletter is published twice a year. The colors of the DSWC are green and white, same as Dave's alma mater, Palo Alto High School.

Our logo is the figure of a samurai swordsman. It symbolizes the respect Dave had for Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645), undefeated master swordsman. Dave found his teachings helpful in wrestling as well as in life.

Affiliate Training Sites:

Cal State Bakersfield
Harvard University
University of Cal Davis
University Cal Poly
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Pennsylvania
Purdue University
Stanford University
Advanced Training Wrestling School, Stanford, CA
The Angry Fish Wrestling Club, Pittsburgh, PA
The Overtime Wrestling Club, Chicago, IL