Schultz Club Athletes competing


The Following is an excerpt from Patricia Miranda's diary from Athens:

I feel so privileged to have had my Olympic experience; I have been shaped by my wrestling career by both the highs and lows, and in the end, I got to measure up with the best at the Games. So, in my brief little section here I will mention a few things about the actual tournament, my time in Athens, and what Ive gained from it all.

Wrestling is wrestling wherever you do it, and it was actually quite a complement for me to feel comfortable on the Olympic stage. However, my loss in the semi-finals did introduce me to some of the hardest hours of match preparation for my 3rd/4th match. The feeling of losing the chance at gold affected me more than I would have predicted, but my basic character and good coaching helped me take pride in bouncing back and placing as high as I could that day.

My time in Athens was like a glorified international tour. The people that one travels with, coaches, teammates, training partners, and support staff, really become family. Everyone works cooperatively toward a goal, and shares the same humor and stress of everything; be it not having toilet paper for days, getting injured before a match, or not understanding why the Russian just spit on the floor in front of you.

I came away from Athens a better person for having been in the Games. I know that I can commit fully to a pursuit. I know that I can operate under pressure and trust myself to focus on what I control to achieve an end. I know that I will perform in a way that I am proud of, fighting at every moment. I know that I can be accountable for what I do and what I dont do, giving me a sensation that this is really my life and I am going to feel every bit of it. These lessons are not learned just so we can wrestle better. They are learned so we can be better people and make the world better because of it.