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    Sponsor Highlights

    ASICS Tiger Corp.- Since inception the ASICS Tiger Corperation has been a driving force for the DSWF. They honored Dave with a shoe in his name, distributed a poster in his honor. They sponsor our entire team with ASICS equipment. We thank Bill, Nick, Neal and Barbara for their tireless work with all of wrestling in the US.

    Minuteman Press – Thanks to Guy Rizzolo for all of his time and effort. Guy does the layout, design and printing for all DSWC materials. He also volunteers his time for the DSWC youth program at Penn. Guy is truly a part of the DSWC family and we are very fortunate to have him involved with our programs.

    The Meltzer Group- The Meltzer Group, an insurance company owned and operated by Alan Meltzer, has been an integral support person for the DSWC’s fundraising efforts . Since the club’s inception, Alan has been extremely generous. He has donated gifts on many levels including a single day fundraising event that raised over $75,000 and sponsorship of our annual France trip.

    Out-of-the-Fire Studio- A Canadian pottery studio that contacted us last year to use the Mushashi logo for sake sets that they produce. The sets look magnificent and we have used them as awards for the DSMI. They have been kind enough to include a wonderful history of Mushashi and Dave’s connection with him in each set that is purchased. If interested, their website is

    Wrestling Apparel- has provided hundreds of free t-shirts for our clinics and special events for the past year. Their support increased our net proceeds substantially and we appreciate our growing relationship with them. Their website is

    24 Hour Fitness/Team Sports.- continues to help and support the DSWC in a variety of areas. We thank them for sponoring clinicians at many of our events and helping wrestling in the US.

    Our Sponsors 5/14/04 - 11/14/04

  • Als Power of Sound
  • Alan & Amy Meltzer Family Foundation
  • Angry Fish Wrestling Club
  • Armanti Financial Services, LLC
  • Asics Tiger Corp.
  • Bailer Trading LLC
  • Bentley, Clark & Denise
  • Birk, James
  • Blasingame, Don
  • Blue Chip Athletic
  • Bormet, Sean
  • CA USA Wrestling
  • Callard, Jeff
  • Champbuilders
  • Clock, Mike
  • Colin, Gary & Peggy
  • Conlin, Bruce
  • Curtis, Christopher .
  • Dansby, Joe
  • Davey, William
  • Davidson, Sterling
  • Davidson, Rusty
  • Dyche, Lynn
  • Eakin, Sean
  • Elinsky, Greg
  • Feder, Chris
  • Fernandez, Lynn
  • Frayer, Jared
  • Geselter, Morrie
  • Gold Medal
  • Goodman, Glenn
  • Grant, Bill
  • Hamar, Denise
  • Hart, Colin
  • Hersma, James & Carol
  • Hines, Richard
  • Hobeika, Ruth
  • Howard, Ron
  • Jones, Zeke
  • Kalish, Todd
  • Koffler, Robert
  • Koslowski, Joseph
  • Kousoulis, Eleni
  • McCoy, Kerry
  • Meltzer, Alan
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Mirikitani, Ronald
  • Mitchell, Richard
  • Montanez, Joseph
  • Neal, Keith
  • O'Donnel, Claire
  • Oleson, Roger
  • Out of the Fire Studios
  • Pearson, Jim
  • Pistone, J
  • Pottruck, David
  • Rafat, Matthew Medi
  • Reese, Ted
  • Reina, Roger & Karen
  • Rennesein, Kay & Wayne
  • Rich, Richard
  • Scherr, Bill
  • Schultz, Nancy
  • Scott Pottruck, Emily
  • Shutte, Pete & MJ
  • Silverman, Moe
  • Slay, Brandon
  • Stapleford, Wayne
  • Stearns, Douglas
  • Steinbergh, Alex
  • Stephensen, Dante
  • Stoffel, James
  • Talman, George
  • Thyhsen, Ross
  • Tony May Construction Co.
  • Wittekind, Patrick
  • Wrestling Dynamics