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As a friend of the Dave Schultz Wrestling Foundation, you can pride yourselves as being directly responsible for enabling the DSWF achieve its primary goal of developing Olympic caliber athletes. In January 2005, it will be nine years since Dave Schultz was killed and the Schultz Club was formed with the goals of keeping Dave?s ideals alive, promoting goodwill and cultivating sportsmanship between athletes of all nations.

He knew that wrestling did more than turn men into feared gladiators. He knew wrestling taught self-discipline, goal setting, self-confidence and commitment. He knew wrestling was often a common ground between nations that shared little common ground. He set a standard for persistence, dedication and mastery.

Looking Back

The Dave Schultz Wrestling Foundation is committed to improving wrestling in the US, developing outstanding athletes and creating role models and citizens for the future. You can take great pride in the reputation we have established, the respect our organization receives and our athletic accomplishments around the world. In the past nine years, the DSWF has grown to over 100 athletes, and Dave?s legacy is stronger than ever. Without your generous contributions, the following achievements and athlete successes would never have been possible:

  • 2 Olympic Champions
  • 6 Olympic Team members
  • 15 Senior World Team members
  • 16 US National Champions 8 Pan Am Team Members
  • 14 FILA Jr. World Team Members
  • 17 University Champions
  • Sponsoring 20 of our nation's greatest athletes
  • Establishing 10 regional affiliate training sites across the US
  • Honoring high school athletes thru the Hall of Fame with the Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award
  • Creating opportunities for wrestlers from kindergarten to the Olympic Games
  • Hosting a variety of wrestling tours as well as clinics in the US and abroad, and
  • Providing essential training experiences from champion coaches and trainers.

Looking Forward

In Dave's honor we continue to build international relationships with the people of the world as we prepare our athletes for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. As you know, the road to the Olympics is long and costly for our athletes, so it is with great hope and sincerity that I ask you to make a four-year contribution commitment to the DSWF.

Four-year commitments from our most loyal supporters will provide the DSWF with a consistent yearly financial base and will allow us to provide the competition experience and training environments necessary for our young men and women to become the next World and Olympic champions.

After all, the DSWF is founded on overcoming barriers to become better, stronger and smarter. In order to meet our goals, we must adjust our strategy to better meet our needs and challenges. I hope you will JOIN US TODAY in our pursuit of this march to Beijing by committing to an annual donation over a four-year period to help us plan and support our athletes for the next Olympics.

Your donation and commitment, however small or large, provides us with the resources necessary to accomplish our mission and take the next steps in the Foundation's growth and development.

The volunteers, staff and athletes of the Dave Schultz Wrestling Club, thank you in advance for helping us reach for our dreams.

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