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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. was also known as WWE is an entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling. It is an American privately controlled and publicly traded entertainment company. Apart from professional wrestling, the company also earns revenue from music, video games, product licensing, films and product sales (direct sale). WWE was founded in 1979 in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, The United States. Some of the subsidiaries of the company are WWE Studios, WWE Network, Tapout, WWE Books, WWE Music Group, WWE Libraries and many more.

Unlike other authentic professional wrestling promotions, the WWE is purely an entertainment based, choreographed, scripted and storyline-driven illegitimate set of matches. This was first publicly claimed by the owner Vince McMahon in 1989 (to avoid taxes levied on athletic commissions)

Wrestling Betting

Even though WWE matches are pre-determined, there are a number of people willing to bet on these. That's the fun about betting. Unlike other sports-betting, Entertainment based Wrestling is an exotic betting. There are patterns and designs found in WWE wrestling matches and individuals that are able to crack this algorithm have managed to win real-time money. If one puts attention to detail, they can be pretty successful at wrestling betting. For instance, John Cena is shown powerful and rarely loses televised versions of matches such as WWE Raw, WWE Main Event as well as SmackDown. However, he is more likely to lose a PPV event.

What-kind-of-bets are offered?

WWE bets are simpler and not a huge moneymaker since they are pretty straightforward and don't profit sportsbooks, much. They are great for individuals looking for simple and fun experiences. One of the popular and common bet types is the a straight-bet-which-is betting on who wins the match, a season championship or a


Apart from straight bets, a number of sportsbooks provide prop bets, some of these are listed below. However, there may be a change in these, since the props differ depending on the script or specific situation during the gameplay.

  1. First-time winner:

    This is-a-prop-bet-that-pays-if-the winner has never won a match before.

  2. Longest ring time:

    The title of this is self-explanatory. The wrestler that stays the longest in the ring wings this category.

  3. First Appearance:

    This bet has-nothing-to-do with the wins or loss of the wrestler. It's a bet on who appears first on the show.

  4. Bouts:

    Bout best are wagers on-how-the-event will end. It is more like a prediction. It's not about who wins but about how it ends. For example, if you bet that the matches-end via-disqualification (and if that is what happens during the match), you win!

  5. Appearance Bets:

    These are-prop-bets-that individuals use as a wager to see if-a-certain-person is showing up-at-the-event. This can include a wide range of people, from politicians, female contestants to retired wrestlers and UFC fighters.

  6. Most Elimination:

    Like the longest ring time, Most Elimination bet is self-explanatory. In this, an individual person bets on who would outdo another and eliminate the most people out of the match. These kinds of bets typically happen during multi-person-bouts-like-the Royal Rumble.


Following is a list of the top 10 WWE Events:

  1. WrestleMania X-Seven
  2. Summerslam 2002
  3. WWE - Wrestlemania - Money in the Bank
  4. No Way out 2001
  5. Royal Rumble 2000 and 2001
  6. Backlash 2000
  7. Unforgiven 2006.


There are a number of wrestling betting that takes place regularly through wrestling betting sites and offline events under World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. You can always participate in about or prop bets for fun and leisure. You never know, you may even end up winning one?